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Jeu'Demeure Collagen Reforming Cream



Cream with a fine texture and great effects. It is not only an anti-aging cream with lifting effects, it also unifies the tone of your skin and soothes irritation and redness thanks to the high content of beta-glucan. It has an innovative composition of peptides and natural substances traditionally valued for their effect on collagen production, unification of skin tone, restoration of elasticity and the fight against wrinkles.

Peptide concentration 450 ppm.

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It contains natural ingredients and highly valuable peptides that improve skin elasticity. Restores resilience and has a healing effect.


wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, unification of skin tone

Main ingredients:

PEPTIDES (Tripeptide-1, Triple M Complex) - are the main component of Jeu´Demeure cosmetics. Peptides are natural component of our body. It is necessary to supplement them, because they decrease with age. Peptides affect the production of collagen in the skin. Clinical studies have shown that cosmetics containing peptides reduce wrinkles, smooth out fine wrinkles and soften deep wrinkles.

SHEA BUTTER is excellent for treating dry, aging and demanding skin. It helps keep problematic skin under control, relieves itching, redness, and supports the healing of cracked or otherwise damaged skin. Deeply hydrates, provides the skin with immediate softening, maintains its balanced hydration. It is an important source of anti-inflammatory substances. Shea butter promotes collagen production and counteracts the effects involved in premature skin aging. Protects cells from oxidative stress.

NIACINAMIDE in the skin helps retain water, reduce acne. It is really essential for skin health. It increases the production of fibroblasts, which promotes rejuvenation, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin. The result is supple and firmed skin with reduced wrinkles. It also improves the appearance of the eye area and helps reduce age spots in the eye area and on the face.

COLLAGEN (550mg) is the main protein in the body. Collagen with elastin form a pair together that will add elasticity and firmness of your skin. A lack of it in the skin is immediately visible,  - it is sagging and no elasticity. It slows down the signs of premature aging, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, softens the skin, maintains balanced hydration, elasticity and freshness of the skin after adding collagen to the skin. And the skin will overal improve. It strongly activates the skin in a natural way and maintains a vital baseline in it for a long time.

ALOE LEAF EXTRACT - binds moisture to itself, thus helping to hydrate the skin. The gel from the leaves shows considerable regenerating, soothing, emollient, healing and cooling abilities at the same time. It acts as an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. It forms a protective film on the skin and damaged skin can be regenerated thanks to its antioxidant activity and the content of vitamins A and E.

LEMON GRASS LEAF EXTRACT - It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, alleviates excessive production of sebum, helps with acne and problematic skin thanks to the high content of vitamin A.


Skin type:

All skin types


Apply an evenly small amount of cream to the skin, massage it into the skin and let it absorb. Use in the morning and in the evening.