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Jeu'Demeure AC Control Oil-free Cream
849 Kč

Oil-free cream specially developed for skin struggling with acne and for sensitive skin. It has soft texture that does not bother the skin. It hydrates the skin into deep...

Code: CELL04
Jeu'Demeure Hair genesis Toner
899 Kč –50 %
450 Kč

Spray contains patented peptides (60 ppm) and extracts from plants that nourish the hair and supply them with vitamins. It provides active regeneration of hair structure and...

Code: CELL33
Jeu'Demeure Balancing Mask (1 piece)
59 Kč

Fabric mask that balances the grease and moisture of the skin. Provides intensive skin care in a way that leaves skin stretched and smooth. Balancing mask firms the skin with a...

Code: CELL50
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Blandice Luxurious Moisturizing and Smoothing Mask with Hyaluronic acid (1 piece)
199 Kč

The hydrogel face mask gives your skin ultimate nutrition and care. High concentration of hyaluronic acid 3.000 ppm has a lifting effect, smoothes the wrinkles, brightens and...

Code: GA01
Cleansing Oil
399 Kč

A cleansing face oil, which perfectly cleanses the skin to the depth of its pores and easily removes even heavy make-up without drying the skin. It has a light and soft texture,...

Code: CELL28
MCCosmetics Antibacterial Hand Disinfection with a pump, containing 70 % alcohol
149 Kč

Antibacterial Hand Disinfection with a pump, containing 70 % alcohol / MCCOSMETICS 200 ml IN STOCK Antibacterial disinfection IN STOCK with an alcohol content of 70 % - this...

Code: MCS5030

Let´s take care about your skin!

Cellion Lab Inc. founded the cosmetic line "Jeu'Demeure" based on peptides and their best properties, using the world's unique environmentally friendly production technologies. Peptides are substances contained in the human body, ie the body's "own". This is why the peptide is generally well tolerated and used as a first-class ingredient in luxury cosmetics in Europe, the USA and other developed countries. Jeu'Demeure develops peptide cosmetic products recommended for clients with problem skin.