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Jeu'Demeure Cellboosting Glutathione Ampoule for radiant skin
749 Kč

Serum contains 10 ppm of gluthation, which is considered the mother of all antioxidants. It is a peptide that brightens your skin and at the same time unifies its tone. Is very...

Code: CELL39
Jeu'Demeure Cellboosting Peptide Ampoule for boosting cells
849 Kč

Serum contains 320 ppm patented peptides (tripeptide – 1 of copper, Triple M complex (peptides complex), acetylhexapeptide- 8 and nonapeptide- 1), which smoothe and prevent...

Code: CELL40
Jeu'Demeure Gluthation Ampoule for removal of pigmentation – 7 day care (7 x 2 ml)
899 Kč

Unique 7 day intensive care that is primarily designed to unify skin tone, but at the same time also intensively takes care of the skin and smoothes small wrinkles and softens...

Code: CELL63
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