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Nitrile gloves reinforced, powder-free, examination, blue, size S, 100 pcs

Strong nitrile gloves, very tear resistant, providing maximum user protection. They are significantly roughened on the fingertips. Disposable gloves made of nitrile (referred to as synthetic latex, nitrile butadiene rubber). A suitable alternative to latex gloves,  they do not cause allergic reactions (they do not contain any latex proteins). The gloves are suitable for allergy sufferers. Nitrile gloves can be put on and taken off smoothly, because of the smooth, powder-free surface. They are resistant to chemicals and strong against puncture. Easy to use in healthcare, food industry, laboratories, chemical industry, suitable for cleaning.

✔ reinforced ✔ latex-free ✔suitable for allergy sufferers ✔easy undressing / threading ✔ puncture-resistant ✔ chemical-resistant

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Category: Protective equipment & disinfection
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