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Jeu'Demeure Mineral Mask - Mask with high content of minerals (1 piece)

Luxurious face mask contains high concentration od peptides and minerals, which perfectly hydrate the skin and at the same time strengthen its elasticity. The unique formula keeps the skin soft and smooth with balanced pH and the skin is again fresh and full of life after application.

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Try a unique face mask containing a unique dose of peptides, beta-glucan, minerals and lecithin. Your skin will be hydrated again and gain a fresh and youthful appearance thanks to this vitamin cocktail.

The textil mask, which is made of the unique CUPRA material, increases the elasticity and softness of tired and dehydrated skin and floods it with an herbal cocktail, which perfectly nourishes the skin and gives it the necessary dose of vitality. The mask is made of soft fine fibers based on natural viscose (reminiscent of noble silk). It allows maximum absorption of all active substances deep into the skin thanks to its unique properties. The skin is again supple, soft and long-term hydrated after use. The application of the herbal textile mask is very simple and also pleasant, so you will not regret using it. You will fall in love with its features and you will rarely return to classic masks.



After opening the package in the upper right corner, remove the mask and place it on your face. Always apply the mask to pre-cleansed skin, ideally treated with a tonic. Let the mask work for 15 - 20 minutes. After this time, remove it from the face and gently massage the rest of the serum into the skin. Do not wash with water.