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Jeu'Demeure Gluthation Ampoule for removal of pigmentation – 7 day care (7 x 2 ml)

Unique 7 day intensive care that is primarily designed to unify skin tone, but at the same time also intensively takes care of the skin and smoothes small wrinkles and softens the bigger ones. Thanks to its unique delicate composition, you can drip the serum around the eyes. It promotes formation of collagen and skin elasticity. Your skin will not only be pleasant to the touch, but also stretched and radiant.

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Gluthation elixir contains:

3,500 ppm glutathione

300 ppm peptides

Plant extracts from willow, sakura, jasmine, Asian mushrooms, aloe vera

Niacinamide (vitamin from group B)


Instructions for use:

Place the plastic tube on the head of the ampoule, break it off, place a plastic dropper on the neck, drip the serum on the skin, massage gently and let it absorb.
Use one ampoule every day for seven days.